Posted by: lisetta | June 27, 2007


Pomodori a Eataly
This afternoon a colleague and I agreed that simple, fresh ingredients are key to a delicious meal. Inspired by the pomodori shot from Eataly, and equipped with my bag of pomodorini from TJ’s, I set out for a simple tomato basil marinara — some vidalia onion sauteed in olive oil, chopped tomatoes, dry white wine, cooked down. With last-minute salt and basil, I tossed in the fettuccine, microzested parmigiano reggiano, and finished the pasta perfetta. Had I had bocconcini, I’d have done it as a pasta alla caprese. Maybe next week. 🙂


  1. Wow! Sounds good to me! With the recent tomato scare (feds care about meat but not produce) tomatoes still on the vine are less likely to be affected.

    You have TJ’s where you live? They’re not here yet even though I keep asking. I used to go to the fruit and veg man in San Diego, then TJ’s then the grocery store next door (once again) for anything I might have missed.

    Batteries are low, must go… Dee @ http://www.

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