Posted by: lisetta | June 29, 2007

I Frutti

Eataly berries

These are what I know I couldn’t procure at 8:30 pm on a Thursday night. While riding my newly tuned bike home this evening, my mind wandered towards what I should cook tonight: a ricotta cake with fresh berries! By the time I got to 47th and felt a drizzle on my forehead and no desire to drive to Whole Foods, I decided a flan would do, with milk and eggs available from the shop downstairs. Here’s how I did it. Make a microwave caramel (equal parts sugar and water, boil like crazy until it thickens and browns). Pour it into a bundt or pudding pan. While the caramel is forming in the microwave, bring a quart of milk to a boil with some vanilla and a few tablespoons of sugar (not more than 5 – the milk itself has sweetness). While the milk simmers and the carmel bubbles, grab a big bowl and mix, but don’t beat, 5 egg yolks and 4 whole eggs in a big bowl. Slowly pour the hot milk into the egg mixture, whisking constantly (to minimize egg cooking/clumping). Pour the milk/egg mixture through a strainer and into your pan with the caramel. Put it in a bain marie and bake it at 350-375F for about an hour or until the top goldens. Let it cool, chill it and serve. Molto facile! If I had berries, I’d eat them side by side with the flan, saving the ricotta cake for another day. 🙂



  1. I’m loving this! Who knows, perhaps you will create a whole new profession for yourself–and what could be better than doing exactly what you love!

    The flan was delicious, of course!


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