Posted by: lisetta | July 6, 2007



A sweet yet nutty and mild Italian cheese from the Dolomites, north of Venice, this cheese is one of my all-time favorites, hands down. I found a block in my fridge tonight, kept well the two months since I bought it from Penn Mac, a reputedly mafioso wholesaler in Pittsburgh. I simply sliced it up and ate it as an antipasto. Intending it to sit atop TLC multigrain crackers, the poor little guys remained untouched.

A quick Google search uncovered Piave’s very own website. That’s where I grabbed the pic and found an intriguing recipe: Risotto all’ortica e Piave vecchio.

Ortiche are translated as nettles, and like dandelion weeds are somewhat bitter. More than that I didn’t know, so I clicked some more and found juicy little trivia, like: Alice Waters makes a nettles frittata. But where can I buy the stuff? Maybe I’ll call up White Dog and see if they have any ideas. Or maybe I’ll try a Piave risotto with arugula instead…if the Piave even makes it to the dish.

Two of the most informative/interesting sites I found:
Be Nice to Nettles Week
Wild Man Steve Brill



  1. […] Wisconsin. Hmm. Apart from the typical parmigiano reggiano and pecorino romano, and the old standby Piave, there wasn’t much to get excited about. We did, however, find an interesting cheese called […]

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