Posted by: lisetta | July 10, 2007

Farfalle ai peperoni colorati

Farfalle with sweep peppers

To celebrate my newly installed air conditioner and triumphant return to evening Spin classes, I cooked a comforting pasta dish: farfalle with sweet peppers. Carla taught me this almost 20 years ago, but I can’t remember the last time I made it! It came to mind last week when I ate dinner with Su, whose grilled peppers inspired me. Per fortuna, the guys in the African food truck had red, yellow and orange peppers this weekend.

Add some olive oil to a large saute pan. Heat it until it’s quite hot.
Cut the peppers in no particular pattern and add them to the hot oil.
Cut a few garlic cloves in half and add them to the peppers.
Cook on a high heat until peppers are browned yet not too soft. The idea here is to ‘flash’ roast the peppers.
Add some black olives.
While the peppers are cooking, cook some farfalle (bow ties) or other flat shaped pasta. Make sure you keep it extra al dente.
Drain the past and toss it with the peppers. Saute a bit, add some slivered basil (parsley or other herb of choice) and serve.
Microzest some parmigiano reggiano over it at the table and you’re good to go.

Grazie Carla!!


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