Posted by: lisetta | July 12, 2007

Weeknight pesto

Equipped with a bag of fresh cut basil cut from Barbara and Kurt’s backyard container garden, I blended a batch of pesto tonight for Su, and served it over Garofolo fettuccine. This time I did NOT forget to take a picture; the battery in my camera had died! Here’s my simple pesto recipe:

basil, as much as you like

extra virgin olive oil, more than you think you need

pine nuts, toasted or raw

salt, just a little sea salt

Blend ingredients in blender until smooth (1 minute?). You could use a food processor as well, or even go with the old mortar and pestle if you’ve got time and patience. After cooking and draining the pasta, put it in a bowl with some pesto, stir, microzest some parmigiano reggiano and voila! You have the taste of summer.

Now, the real pesto also includes a clove of garlic, but I had none on hand! Some choose to blend in the parmigiano, but I prefer how the microzested cheese melts into the dish. In Liguria, I had papparedelle with pesto, haricots verts and potato. 🙂 My friend Josh adds shrimp to his pesto pasta as well (much to the dismay of Gian Luca, a native purist who insists that parmigiano must not, under any circumstance, ever touch seafood). Made with high quality ingredients, I think that what you do with pesto is up to you! Enjoy!

Microzester from Bowery

I liked this picture of the Micro Zester from Bowery Kitchens, but find it very funny that they’re grating upside down! I’d rather see my fingers and the depth of the cheese than the amount I’ve grated, wouldn’t you?


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