Posted by: lisetta | July 15, 2007

Buon Italia at Chelsea Market

Buon Italia at Chelsea Market
Where Gian Luca reconnects with his Italian identity, Buon Italia aims to sell “the very best at the best possible price”. My favorite New Yorker insists that it is the city’s least pretentious and most authentic Italian food emporium (at least until Eataly opens its doors). Though I found plenty of Piemontese treats, from DOC hazlenuts to gelatina di dolcetto and miele di rododendro, I brought back only some amaretti and savoiardi cookies, hazlenut oil and Bra Duro cheese. From the Cuneo region in Piemonte, where Franci lives with the wolves, this hard and nutty cow/goat milk cheese sits now in my fridge, waiting for an event.

Stashed in GL’s orange curdoroy Strand bookstore tote, we lugged my loot uptown, where we checked out the International Center of Photography. The “Biographical Landscape: The Photography of Stephen Shore 1969-1979” exhibit led me to wonder if today’s blogs are biographical landscapes. What do you think?



  1. […] of the manufactured varieties until I saw this jar of Agrimontana crema di marroni on a carton at Buon Italia in Chelsea Market, which I visited with Chicca earlier this […]

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