Posted by: lisetta | July 17, 2007

La rughetta

The Italian wine offerings at Vintage are unimpressive at best, but their arugula goat cheese salad contained some of the best arugula I’ve had since my days as a gardener. Complimenti! They describe their salad as, “Baby arugula salad with Boucheron and fresh pear dressed with an orange hazelnut vinaigrette and Moroccan spiced hazelnuts”. Though the vinaigrette was white and creamy (?) and the hazlenuts hardly redolent of North Africa, which actually pleased me given my last big breakup, the quality of the arugula stood out.

Arugula salad
Photo grabbed from

Inspired to “Italianize” this salad, I substituted the Boucheron with shaved parmigiano (truffle shaver, thin setting) and used my newly aquired hazlenut oil from Chelsea Market’s Buon Italia. Never mind that the oil was actually made in the UK, the Packham pear grown in the Rio Negro Valley of southwestern Argentina and the arugula straight from a Trader Joe’s bag! The salad was OK – nothing that induced moaning. Italianization doesn’t always ‘take’. At Vintage, I drank an Argentinian malbec, quite enjoyable after all. 🙂


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