Posted by: lisetta | July 18, 2007



Dear Team Capogiro,

I’ve visited you downtown twice this week. Friday night I savored your honey nasturtium, recalling the delicate garden I once tended. While Ann got a Thai coconut cone tonight, I opted for gianduja, passing up the fico nero sorbetto and the lavender stracciatella. You are Philly’s only gelato worth licking on hot and humid summer evenings. Fuhgettabaht water ice, you’re where it’s at. If you ever consider setting up shop in my neighborhood, left of center, let me know.





  1. […] so it was written… …on July 18, 2007: a love letter spelling out my dreams of Capogiro gelato one day coming left of center. That day has arrived. […]

  2. […] verbena gelato A few years ago I dreamed and dreamed about Capogiro coming to my neighborhood. Last weekend when I took my out of town visitors there, I didn’t even bother getting […]

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