Posted by: lisetta | July 24, 2007

Another Garofalo: mozzarella di bufala

Garofalo mozzarella products
Photo grabbed from Fattorie Garofalo Garofalo label

They say that the best buffalo mozzarelle are eaten within 24-48 hours of production, but does that mean we should hold out until we can procure the best? While travelling the Via Appia between Rome and Naples many years ago, I had the pleasure of eating freshly made mozzarelle, and at some level have been suspicious of all mozzarelle since. How ridiculous! The supermarket mozzarella that Carla bought last month while I was in Italy inspired me to seek it out here as well. Over the weekend I found a tub of four, gave one to my friends and have been enjoying the rest ever since. Forget the basil and olive oil, savor the simplicity. I’ve been eating them with quartered campari tomoatoes … and a joyful spirit.

Camari tomatoes


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