Posted by: lisetta | July 26, 2007

A simple red sauce

Last night I got back from Spinning feeling like I should eat some pasta. Equipped with two enormous bunches of Amish-grown basil I had bought from the campus farmer’s market earlier in the day, I found myself with no pine nuts, so pesto was out. I did, however, have some ripe tomatoes I picked up from the West African street vendors, so I decided to make a red sauce laced with basil. Here’s how I did it:

Slice a sweet onion thinly
Saute it in olive oil
When it’s soft, add chopped ripe tomatoes — if you’re ambitious and patient you can skin and seed them
Bring the tomatoes to a boil and add white wine — unless you’re Muslim, of course
Cook off the alcohol
Lower the heat and cook it down until it’s not liquidy
Throw in lots of fresh basil when it’s done and take the sauce off the heat

That’s all it takes — 30 minutes or so, depending on how watery the tomatoes are. On a normal day, I’d have waited, but my port salut (yep, it’s French – their cheese is almost as good as the Italians’) and olive bruschetta snack turned into a meal, so the sauce waited another day. Here’s the penne rigate it dressed:

Simple red sauce
Picture grabbed from my stovetop. Can’t someone out there help me with the food photography? (Chris? Might this be a hidden talent you’d like to share?)



  1. You made that sound so easy.. good work and the dish look GREAT! = Paul

  2. I think it looks pretty good!

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