Posted by: lisetta | August 7, 2007

Macedonia di frutta

Macedonia from
Picture grabbed from – camera battery is dead again

Italian for “fruit salad”. The best are made with a wide variety of colorful summertime fruits, cut in smallish chunks and mixed with freshly squeezed citrus (lemon is classic, but lime or orange add a nice twist).

Tonight I made one with raspberries and an organic peach straight from my mom’s back yard. (Two weekends of travelling have left me low on groceries, and the Art Museum Whole Foods had few fruits ripe enough to toss in my cart tonight.) My citrus of choice was a South African clementine. While I was peeling the peach, my neighbor Ann brought over a scoop of Capogiro’s Thai coconut gelato. Che buono!

Don’t confuse the Italian macedonia with the French version of salade macédoine, which consists of peas, carrots and other vegetables mixed with mayonnaise. In Italy, a similar version of the salade macédoine is called Russian salad. It’s like the American coleslaw macaroni or potato salad: ubiquitous but rarely a moving taste sensation (even with homemade mayonnaise).


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