Posted by: lisetta | August 14, 2007

Dog days of summer

Apart from the occasional slice of Piave, I’ve had no Italian food since the weekend. So much for maintaining a spirited blog! Not even a Turinot can lift my sinking mood. Perhaps I could steer my weekend visitors to South Philly instead of a Stephen Starr joint.

Come to think of it, I wonder why Starr doesn’t have an Italian-themed restaurant? I could see it now: ultra-modern space in an old industrial site, refashioned by Renzo Piano of course, with a food designer by the likes of Ferran Adrià, of the famed “El Bulli” restaurant in Spain. My friend Google found someone already: Davide Scabin, whose restaurant Combal.Zero sits in the Castello di Rivoli of all places, near where my Italian family lives.

Castello di Rivoli in a field of poppies Carla’s springtime picture

Of course this fleeting fantasy of mine smacks of pretension in the highest degree. Must simply be withdrawal symptoms. If I make it back from Center City Sips with any degree of hunger, perhaps I’ll cook something up tomorrow.



  1. […] dinner at the restaurant in the Castello di Rivoli: Combal.Zero, the restaurant I mentioned in a fantasy blog post back in August. The restaurant this year ranked 46th in Restuarant Magazine’s 2007 Top 50 […]

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