Posted by: lisetta | August 22, 2007

Gnocchetti sardi with smoked salmon

gnocchetti sardi with smoked salmonMy AC pan!

Pedalling uphill on the ride home, with a nearly flat tire and an empty stomach, was tough tonight, so I figured I’d better make an effort to nourish my body with something more than a fancy salad. Finding a few ounces of smoked salmon in my fridge clinched the deal.

Giuseppe taught me this recipe way back in ’92. I’ve changed it over the years, of course, leaving out the cream and using fresh tomato instead of a canned sauce. The version I made tonight is ridiculously simple, and surprisingly satisfying.

Heat up a few tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat
Before the oil gets too hot and smokes, add some crushed garlic (I use less than one clove — not a big garlic fan!)
Add some smoked salmon and break it up in the oil/garlic with a wooden spoon
Add fresh chopped tomatoes (or from a box of Pomi)
Cook until tomatoes turn to sauce
Add basil and simmer on low
When the pasta is al dente, add it to the pan and stir until the pasta is coated. Be careful not to add to the cooking time here, or the pasta will get soft, thus ruining the dish.

That’s it! Anyone can do it! My tips: don’t use too much garlic, which will easily overpower the smoked salmon flavor. If you can’t find gnocchetti sardi, use another small pasta which can hold some sauce. Don’t add parmigiano! It doesn’t blend with the flavor of fish here. Finally, eat it with a friend, in person or on the phone. Everything tastes better in company, IMO.


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