Posted by: lisetta | August 24, 2007

Carlino’s in Ardmore

A little more than a month into this blog experiment lands a discovery worth getting excited about: Carlino’s on the Mainline!

When my friend Ann, a long time Philly resident (a social justice activist who founded and runs Bright Lights, an educational nonprofit), suggested driving out to the burbs to visit an Italian take-out place, I have to admit that my expectations were low.

That started to change shortly after walking in and noticing the pints of fresh figs. My crush began when we turned the corner to the first cheese case filled with Italian favorites like bra duro and tenero, toma piemontese, taleggio, raschera, etc. By the next case revealing a wide variety of mouthwatering take-out entrees, wanderlust kicked in. Then there was the deli, the pizza, the foccaccia, the bread the homemade pastas and sauces, the store-long display case of prepared foods, the pastries, the honey and jam! Completely overwhelmed by the choices, I quickly realized this was a moment for satisficing: pick a few things I like and come back another day. There was no way to choose what was “best” in a store filled with hundreds of “best” items!

I chose san daniele prosciutto, foccaccia, olive verdi di abbruzzo, stuffed salmon with fennel and prosciutto, fresh sheets of pasta, pumpkin ravioli, and a sfogliatella. SO much to say…..


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