Posted by: lisetta | August 25, 2007

La sfogliatella

La sfogliatella di Carlino

My Italian doctor friends first introduced me to le sfogliatelle at Sunseri’s in the Strip, many years before my trip to Napoli. Fresh out of the oven, the crispy pastry is filled with lightly sweetened ricotta and canditi (candied citrus rind). In Napoli, pasticcerie make them all day long, so a warm one is rarely out of reach.

My memories rekindled two weeks ago in NYC. After eating at Tasty Dumplings in Chinatown, we strolled over to La Bella Ferrara for coffee, where both GL and I ordered una sfogliatella. Two bites into mine and I decided it wasn’t worth the calories. Drat!

In this context, passing up the plate of them at Carlino’s Market was out of the question. Ann got one too, and we shared it in the car. One bite in to the crackling pastry and I knew we had a winner! Even the slow moving traffic on Lancaster Ave couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Back in the office, I cut mine up and shared it with my hallway colleagues. Jeff, the cheese-loving wizard behind this blog, gave it a thumbs up:


While it was edible, it was, sadly, nothing like the one we began in the car! Though the lightly sweetened filling hit the spot, my sfogliatella’s pastry was overloaded with fat, and no longer crisp. Check out its remains:

Sfogliatella remains

A half hour out of the pastry display and the magic had disappeared. Maybe there’s a place in South Philly that makes these well?


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