Posted by: lisetta | August 26, 2007

Beet ravioli

Beet goat cheese ravioli

Featured in 2005 Bon Appetit and Cucina Italiana magazines, and typical in trattorias in Veneto, I’ve made beet ravioli whose filling is blended with either mild ricotta or sweet mascarpone cheeses, but I’ve always wanted an extra kick from the beet filling, so tonight I experimented with goat cheese and parmigiano. Buonissimi! After sampling the filling, I wondered if adding another layer of compexity to the dish would work and sauteed them in butter-shallot-rosemary rather than the more typical butter-sage-poppy seed. The result? Imbalance. The rosemary masked the beets’ earthy sweetness. This might be a moment to respect longstanding Italian traditions. 🙂

Here’s my process:

Put water on to boil
Use a hand blender to puree a cooked beet
Add some goat cheese and microzested parmigiano reggiano (to taste)
Using a ravioli mold, spoon out filling onto a sheet of fresh pasta, fold it over and with a rolling pin, press the ravioli into the mold
Sautee a small shallot in unsalted butter until it starts to brown
Add a finely choped small sprig of rosemary into the butter and turn down the heat.
Cook the ravioli briefly until they float
Lift them out of the boiling water with a slotted spoon
Heat the butter and sautee the ravioli until they have slightly crispy edges
Serve immediately with microzested parmigiano.

Making ravioli for one is a snap – you can make the whole dish in 15 minutes, not counting the cooking time for the beets, of course, and assuming you can buy fresh sheets of pasta, as I did from Carlino’s Market. The ravioli mold is superfluous; cutting them by hand is just as simple with a rolling pastry cutter.



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