Posted by: lisetta | September 16, 2007

Isgro Pasticceria

Pastries since 1904. Sicilian immigrants, inspired by passion. A family affair. How could you go wrong?

I’ve walked past this pasticceria many times since landing in Philly six years ago, marvelled at its block-wrapping lines in the Christmas season, but only today decided to step inside to see what all the fuss is about. The wind was blowing just right, scents beckoning us into the shop as we turned the corner from 11th to Christian.

With dozens of pastries to choose from, I picked what I didn’t recognize: an almond horn. The unfriendly counter help grabbed it with her bare hand, tossed it in small white bag with a paper ‘napkin’ and demanded $3.50. $3.50 for one cookie! WTF? And why did she put the paper in AFTER the cookie? If I hadn’t already been seduced by the bakery’s scent, I’d have likely told her to get lost and walked out of the store.

Instead, we left, sharing a Seinfeld moment and laughing about how both of us were bothered by the bare hands! Rather than eat the thing on the street as planned, I figured I’d make it a blog entry. LOL.

Lisa’s pic of the Isgro almond horn

First step: photograph it, in the sunlight, on a Spanish plate. Crop photo to hide its phallic form and refrain from public sexual commentary.

Step two: take a bite, chocolate first (obviously). Marvel at the marzipan flavor, understand the price, and reconsider it a bargain.

Step three: find out how they make this almond horn, described on the website as “pure almond paste molded and rolled in almond slivers and shaped in a crescent, glazed with apricot jam, tips dipped in pure chocolate”.

Copy Isgro photo so readers can gaze in private at its original form:
isgro almond horn



  1. I live so close to Isgro’s if you ever want me to pick you up something. I’m glad you ended up happy with your pastry. My cousins got their wedding cake from Isgro’s and it was fantastic.

  2. OMG! How lucky are you? Don’t bring me anything! The harder good pastries are to get, the better off I am. LOL.

    Thankfully, there’s not much going on in my neighborhood – I do my best to avoid the almond croissant at Metropolitan Bakery and the chocolate mousse at the Restaurant School….Am thinking though that it’s been a very long time since I had the mousse….perhaps it’s time for a dinner party???

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