Posted by: lisetta | September 17, 2007

Chicken marsala

chicken marsala

One of the simplest dishes ever. I guarantee you can do it. Follow these steps:

Slice chicken breast thinly, dredge in flour.
Slice white or cremini mushrooms.
Heat butter oil in a pan until it’s hot.
Add chicken slices an brown them
Add mushrooms
Add some Florio dry marsala to taste (just enought to make a sauce)
Simmer until wine reduces (5 minutes?)

Voila – a quick and easy dinner for two. Serve it with cooked greens or a tossed salad. I also like to make this with pinot grigio and herbs like thyme or tarragon, and sometimes vary the technique, either by removing the browned chicken from the pan and making the reduction or by poaching the meat directly in the liquid. No matter what the high chefs would say on this, I honestly thing it’s good both ways. You can use any kind of wine here, of course, so the dish doesn’t thave to be as boring as it seems. If you’ve got a tip, leave a comment!


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