Posted by: lisetta | September 30, 2007

Pasta lessons

Using durum flour, eggs and pinches of salt, Ed says the pasta had an unexpected bite to it. Cooked al dente, of course, the pasta we spent a few hours making turned out really well.

We made free form raviloli: roasted butternut squash with sage and shallots, candy-striped beets with goat cheese and salmon-spinach-ricotta. We served the squash and beet ravioli in a butter sage sauce and the salmon in a tomato-onion-thyme-white wine. The squash worked the best!


Making homemade pasta is one of those things that’s so simple, it’s difficult. Knowing how to beat the egg in the well of flour, preventing ‘volcano effect’ and losing the liquid, making sure to incorporate the flour slowly so that a paste forms, knowing how much more flour to incorporate before the ball becomes hard, knowing how long to knead the dough, how often to fold and roll it through the rollers … all of these are done by touch, and tough to explain with words. My friends Su, Ed and Joan, all gifted chefs in their own right, were natural talents … I’m sure they’ve got some Italian blood in there somewhere. 🙂

Su, Ed and Joan with their creation

We ate tiramisu for dessert; I’ll write about that tomorrow.

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