Posted by: lisetta | October 18, 2007

Bravo, Mark Bittman!

Today in the New York Times, Mark Bittman features pasta! I never think I could admire him any more than I already do, but he inspires me time and again.

Today he argues that it’s time to start adding more sauce to the pasta, despite what the “pasta police” from Italy might have you believe. I couldn’t agree more with him, but let’s be clear on what type of sauce to go crazy with. Those containing plenty of verdura (vegetables), deserve more space in your bowl. Simple reds, oil, cream or pesto sauces do not. These should still barely cover the pasta.

The upside to adding all this verdura to your bowl? More volume from the veggies, which means fewer refined carbs, lower spikes in blood sugar, fewer calories, and if you’re one of those lucky people whose bodies respond to small changes in diet, a smaller waistline. Why do it any other way? I bet many home cooks in Italy have already figured this out, but when I ran it by an Italian friend, he said that if you add more verdure, then you have to change the name and call it “pasta salad, like what we make in the summertime”. Pazienza!

Photo grabbed from the NYTimes article, taken by Francesco Tonelli.
francesco tonelli pasta photo



  1. my friend Joan Agrees but she did not care for his recipes, only the applicable advice.

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