Posted by: lisetta | October 29, 2007

Pasta price fixing

I’ve been eating a variety of ethnic foods this week; bodes ill for the blog idea, but here’s an interesting story Mark tipped me on.

In Italy, where pasta is a staple of life for most everyone except the celiacs, a federation of pasta manufacturers has warned the Italian public to expect up to 20% increases in prices due to rising costs of durum wheat, sparked in part by the biofuels industry. So what appears to be a common market force has instead been interpreted by consumer groups as collusion, by members of the pasta cartel. In mid-September, they staged a “day without pasta” protest. Check out the full and related stories on BBC here.

I can identify with the helplessness Italian consumers feel. I feel helpless that my dollar loses value every day, sending my cheapest choice of DeCecco up over $2/pound, my parmigiano reggiano to $14 or my bag of Guido Gobbino turinots to $30. Pazienza!

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pasta poster



  1. Image result, google. Your poster is the first result with a good example of the various types of pasta.

  2. Much appreciated, thanks. I was wondering why so many hits came to this post!

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