Posted by: lisetta | December 9, 2007


Few things are as satisfying as freshly baked bread. With bakeries in every neighborhood, finding good bread in Italy is as simple as walking a few blocks. In Philadelphia, unfortunately, it’s not so easy! The natives send you off to the Metropolitan Bakery, but I’ve found their bread to be mediocre at best (the almond croissant, however, is another story!). This weekend’s been a good weekend for bread, thanks to the suburbs!

Genuardi’s ciabatta, IMHO, is the best in town. Displayed in a brown paper bag, you can often find it slightly warm on the shelf. On my way home from visiting friends in Rose Valley/Swarthmore on Saturday, I made a quick run into the store on Baltimore Pike just for the bread. Too late in the day to find one, I bought a “Tuscan pane” instead. Lopped off the end, topped it with a piece of Zamorano cheese (sheep’s milk from Spain), but I found my thoughts turning towards a chewy ciabatta.

This afternoon I bought one from Wegman’s, and ate its crusty end with a triple creme, mild French cheese called Saint Andre.  The rest of the loaf now sits in the freezer, ready to be put into the oven the next time I need a fix. 

The word ciabatta refers to the shape of the loaf, flat and oval, and means “slipper” in Italian. It is found in bakeries throughout Italy, predominantly in the north and center. While many varieties exist, the best ciabatte contain dense yet airy centers within crunchy, light crusts, IMHO. The Breadworks in Pittsburgh makes the best I’ve eaten stateside. You can read more about ciabatte here.ciabatta from istock photo
Ciabatta pic from iStock photo.  



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