Posted by: lisetta | December 10, 2007

Happy day

Had a wonderful day today, sipping on Pellegrino morning, noon and night, caring not a lick about the carbon footprint I’ve left behind. Got a prosciutto sandwich at lunch, on a crusty bread, served with grilled vegetables and a salad topped with an emusified balsamic dressing. Had trout for dinner and an interesting version of tiramisu for dessert. The tiramisu contained a very thin, hardly existent, cookie that was sandwiched between two thicker layers of mousse-like mascarpone, a pleasant surprise with neither coffee nor alcohol overpowering the dish. 

Davio’s in Center City catered the event. Billed as a Northern Italian steakhouse, who’d have believed that they’d be any good?  If they manage to deliver such high quality for a catered event, I wonder what their dinners are like? The place was crowded a little past 8 on a Monday night, so they must be doing something right! Bravi!



  1. I’ve never been there (and am unlikely to go now, obviously) but I’ve actually heard good things about it.

  2. But, Lori, I thought they did a GOOD job!! Go! Their dinner prices are pretty steep for what looks to be a relatively uninspired menu, but I’d expect the quality to be high. The second day of food was just as tasty, with an excellent pistachio shortbread cookie. 🙂

  3. I just meant I would be unlikely to go to a steakhouse having become a vegetarian!

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