Posted by: lisetta | December 21, 2007


Panettone smells of Christmas. Realizing that the holiday is only 4 days away, I headed down to the Center City Trader Joe’s thinking I could find one to take me through the week. Not only were there none on the shelves, but just about all their Christmas selections were already sold out! What a total drag. I asked the clerk if they planned to get any more in and she delivered the bad news. What does this mean? I’ll have to search elsewhere for panettone.


Panettone is an airy bread sweetened with raisins and candied fruits. Baked in paper, like a giant cupcake, you slice through it as you would a cake, breaking off bite sized pieces from your wedge, eating it with your hands. The panettone originated in Milano but is found throughout Italy this season, with the best coming from small bakeries in every town. Read more about panettone on Wikipedia.

This evening I stopped over a neighbor’s place to deliver some good news, and walked in to find a Bauli panettone sitting on the kitchen table! Mid-sentence I gasped and asked if I could have please please please have a piece. Ha ha! So much for manners! After sharing the news of my mid-day trip downtown, a slice was granted … with a glass of San Pellegrino. Thank God for close friends! Now THAT’S the spirit of the season. 


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