Posted by: lisetta | January 14, 2008

Another contorno

Speaking about spinach last week brought more into my life. Gasp! Could it be the “law of attraction” in action? 😉

At the Plough and the Stars (an Irish locale) Sunday, I ate striped bass served with a side of sauteed spinach, sans the garlic (thankfully). It was delicious, even when served with non-Italian food. (The restaurant did have a risotto dish on the menu, but made it with creme fraiche. Tsk tsk.) 


Tonight I made  another or my favorite contorni – sauteed zucchini. Will writing about it bring more my way? One can only wonder. Making it is simple enough. Here’s how:

Slice some sweet onion and soften it on medium heat in olive oil.  
Halve the smallest zuccchini you can buy and slice into half moons.
Add it to the softened onion, and cook at a bit higher heat until they start to caramelize.
Add some sea salt. 

Basta cosi! Preparare il contorno e molto semplice. Vi giuro. If you try it, let me know how it goes.



  1. Why do you not have your own book??????? You’re a fabulous writer! Is this a picture of something you actually made??? Nice! Almost makes me want some zucchini! LOL!

  2. I agree. I wish the fragrances of your dishes
    drifted across the hall

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