Posted by: lisetta | January 16, 2008

Another risotto

Apparently, I have a “problem”.  This one’s soffritto had thyme and shallots (no sweet onion) and included spinach, a mushroom medley, and goat cheese. When Jess requested a “cheesey” risotto (gasp!), I thought of the arugula and stracchino risotto I had with friends at a trattoria near Cremona. Alas, my dreams were thwarted, as arugula failed to appear on the shelves at Trader Joe’s on Market. Also missing was arborio.   You’d think that after years of being there they’d have gotten the swing of inventory management. Ann thankfully brought the rice!

Anyway, this is what the market allowed. No process description this time. We used pinot grigio and chicken broth. It was more delicious than I can explain so late in the evening: 




  1. omg! this looks so good! I have arborio, and will purchase arugala..just come and make this for me! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. You should come to Philly and I’ll make it for you!

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