Posted by: lisetta | February 4, 2008

Insalata di finocchio e clementine

I thought this might please the fruit guy I know. Dressed it with an orange juice, shallot, olive oil, parsley and salt ‘vinaigrette’. Very light and fresh – a perfect accompaniment to an otherwise heavy meal.  

insalata de finocchio e clementine  

I took the shot, but with a much better camera than my own. It’s really time.  



  1. Looks great. I can’t tell you how much I love the trend of salads with fruit (clementines, dried cranberries, pears, etc) and cheese. I mean, I know they’ve been around, but now they’re everywhere. I made a vinaigrette with orange juice once, though, and was a bit disappointed. It was a bit thin and bland, I thought (shallots, though–maybe that’s the key). Also, it would be cool to have the tools to just whip up a vinaigrette with what I have on hand and without a recipe. Any advice?

  2. I agree – the orange juice isn’t really acidic enough to add the bite you might be seeking. I ended up using about three parts juice to one part olive oil, and even then it lacked the pucker I like. Maybe adding a squirt of lemon would help?

    As far as the mixing goes, I simply poured the ingredients into a bottle and shook it! At home, I have a small (several-inch) wire whisk. While making this dressing, I thought it might be good with crushed coriander seed as well.

  3. It seems that apple cider vinegar may be just the thing, right? I had some salad with the leftover vinaigrette that I made on Thursday and it was so good!

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