Posted by: lisetta | February 13, 2008

Weekday orecchiette

I really don’t enjoy shopping for ingredients here in Philadelphia, so I tend to end up with the same old same old in my fridge: variety of vegetables and, if the timing works out at the vegetable truck, some fresh thyme or basil. 

This week I made a pasta sauce out of some sweet onion, zucchini, baby bella mushrooms, Pomi tomato, basil, vegetable broth and white wine.

Process is simple: start the saute with the onion, add the zucchini and cook until they soften up, then add the sliced mushrooms and tomato, pouring a bit of broth and white wine to add flavor and help the sauce cook. Toss in chopped basil with the cooked pasta; cook for a minute or so until the pasta is coated with the sauce.

orecchiette with verdura

I made this dish for Becky and Dickson tonight; a farewell dinner of sorts.  When I cook for guests, I always add too much pasta! I think the ideal version of this dish would include far more vegetables, and a tad more tomato. There’s always a next time!


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