Posted by: lisetta | March 10, 2008

La Cucina Flegrea

So, here I am in Pittbsurgh this week, attending a conference at Carnegie Mellon and spending a few vacation days to hang out with family and friends.  Tonight I took a few Bostonians to what I think is one of Pittsburgh’s best Italian restaurants: La Cucina Flegrea, in Squirrel Hill (the Jewish neighborhood close to the university areas), a simple BYOB place, with fewer than 15 tables and a humble atmosphere.  People go there for the food.

Anna Fevola and her husband Antonio have have had the restaurant for about ten years now. They hail from Campi Flegrei, near Naples, so their cooking is marked with dashes of spice, and simple fresh ingredients. I ordered Rigatoni a la Torregaveta. Named after a town south of Naples, this is what Anna has to say about the dish: 

“I use the smallest clams I can find. Clams can be tough, and for this they must be juicy and tender, so I search for the best button clams. Then I mix up the mussels, diced calamari, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and zucchini in white wine. A dash of parsley and cream finish it. There is a flavor of both of the sea and the land. It is also very colorful.”
– Anna Fevola, owner and chef, La Cucina Flegrea

cucina flegrea  Picture and quote grabbed from WQED.

As you might tell from the picture, it’s also very delicious! Too bad neither Anna nor Antonio were at the restaurant tonight. Gli ringrazio per una cena buonissima!


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