Posted by: lisetta | March 27, 2008

Burrata at Osteria Marco

Who would have expected to find noteworthy Italian food in Denver? While attending a conference, we went to Osteria Marco, a well-loved Italian restaurant in the heart of Larimer Square, a historic district downtown.

The owner, Frank Bonanno, is the Vetri of Denver, with three successful restaurants and throngs of faithful followers. The meatball slider and burrata appetizers at Osteria Marco were highlights. Check out Frank’s blog entry for a recipe on the meatball sliders. The burrata captured my attention more than anything else.

Originally from Italy’s Puglia region (the heel of the boot), this cheese can best be described as a cross between a fresh mozzarella and a creamy ricotta .. but then again, my words do it no justice:

burrata   Photo grabbed from here

The waiter revealed that they make the burrata in-house. Their decision to serve it with grilled bread brushed with olive oil reveals their passion for subtlety, IMHO.  I can only hope that the audience in Denver can appreciate what they’ve got! With exceptional quality, a welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices, I couldn’t help but wonder if there’s a Philly “equivalent” to Osteria Marco. Sure wish there were. 

I also couldn’t help but wonder whether I could buy some of this cheese out here in Philly. A quick Google search reveals that Claudio’s makes it on-demand. Hmmm. An interesting proposition for my next dinner party.  It seems that burrata appears on many Californian tables – check out this LA Times article entitled Of Milk and Silk. Maybe I’ll be able to find some on my trip to LA next week?



  1. this looks too too good! do you think they have it in pittsburgh? maybe next visit, you can check the strip district! we can have a party. mmmmm

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