Posted by: lisetta | April 11, 2008

Le Virtu

Earlier in the week, an acquaintance invited me to a mid-week dinner and suggested we do Italian. With reservations at Vetri’s Osteria hard to come by, I suggested we try Le Virtu, a new South Philly Italian restaurant featuring food from Abruzzo, in central Italy. A quick read of their menu intrigued me, especially the chocolate ravioli stuffed with rabbit. I had neither had nor even heard of such a thing! How exciting. The dinner didn’t happen, but the ravioli haunting remained, so Dave and I tried it out tonight.

While waiting to be seated, we noticed Nadia and her husband with friends at the bar! Almost seven years in Philadelphia and this is the first time I’ve run in to someone I know at a restaurant. (How sad is that? When I was in Pittsburgh last month, dining with the WGBH ladies, we met a smiling woman I knew on day one. Sigh.) We chatted briefly with them and had a seat at a two top against a wall.

We started out with the Affetato misto, a selection of salame, prosciutto, Abruzzese sheeps milk cheese and crostini. Dave took a picture, which I’ll insert soon…

I ordered the chocolate rabbit ravioli, described as “savory cocoa pasta ravioli filled with braised rabbit and grated amaretto cookies in butter sage sauce”. They were fabulous, cooked absolutely perfectly and served with a brilliant balance of flavors.

Thank you Le Virtu! I’m looking forward to my next visit. đŸ™‚


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