Posted by: lisetta | April 18, 2008

Welcome spring!

After a lame Obama rally and a lovely evening stroll through Center City, Dave and I waltzed in to Sahara Grill, a great little Lebanese place, right as the kitchen was closing. Drat! Satisficing with wine and bar food from Vintage was only possible because I knew what was coming for dessert: the first springtime visit to Capogiro, Philadelphia’s premier artisanal gelato shop. I paired avocado with dark chocolate; Dave got something fruity. While savoring its flavors, I fantasized about Capogiro West of Center, but then figured it’s better to need to make an effort to get gelato. Isn’t everything you have to work for all that much better when you get it? 

When we went to pay, I got excited seeing the packets of Caffarel gianduiotto on the counter. Dave bought me some and we ate a piece on the street. Unfortunately, it was old and had little crunchy bits in it. Sigh. Why did I think it could get any better than what we just had? 

Image taken from Caffarel site


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