Posted by: lisetta | April 23, 2008

A whole new world

OK, so way back when, Lori asked what I thought about whole wheat pasta. While liking the idea of it (i.e. lower glycemic load/higher protein), the last time I actually tasted it (years ago), it was truly terrible, mostly because of the texture that failed to hold its shape and bite. I’m happy to report that times have changed.

On my adventure in the big ‘ole suburban grocery store with a cart full of great vegetables, I was inspired to give Safeway’s Organics penne rigate a try. I even succeeded in preparing it as what Gian Luca would call an “insalata di pasta”: with far more vegetables than pasta. Check it out:

What’s in this pasta? Sauteed vegetables: I used Vidalia onion, snow peas, zucchini (note by the size of the rounds that I managed to find small ones!), asparagus and fennel. I added a splash of white wine, chicken broth and lemon zest to the sautee, and served it with microzested grana padano. Buonissima! I really missed Becky and Dickson tonight — wish they could come over for dinner again. Food so great begs to be shared with friends. 

I got to thinking: there’s a vacant grocery store property in my neighborhood. If only we could get an eclectic mini version of a Whole Foods in there … I mean, if great ingredients were close by, eating well like this would take so little effort. 



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