Posted by: lisetta | April 27, 2008

Impromptu ragu

My ex used to make these incredibly delicious ground turkey kofte (meatball) skewers. He’d take ground turkey, spice it up with the Moroccan trio (cumin, paprika and pepper) and mix it with plenty of chopped onion and cilantro then bake them in the oven. While one of the very few dishes I manage to recreate successfully, with no cilantro on hand, I decided instead to make a bolognese ragu. Only problem is that I also had neither celery nor carrots in stock, so I had to improvise. Here’s what I did:  

Throw a vidalia onion into the food processor. Add ground turkey.

Saute turkey/onion mixture while breaking it up and add canned tomatoes you crush in your hands.

Add white wine, bay leaves, a bit of oregano and cook until it looks like a sauce. 

Serve it with pappardelle, wide ribbon pasta. Here’s a pic of it all cooking on my stove:

While the results were OK, read: I won’t choose this technique again, the real pleasure of the meal came in creating it. I love crushing whole peeled tomatoes in my hands. Don’t know why. Love the texture, the smell, the transformation of shape. For years I’ve used Pomi chopped tomatoes, but discovered that Genuardi’s no longer carries the bright red boxes, so I’ve returned to canned, an old favorite. I also really enjoyed the smell of the sauce cooking. It felt like home (a very rare feeling in my humble apartment). With so much on my mind these days, the sentiment was truly welcomed. 


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