Posted by: lisetta | May 11, 2008



I couldn’t resist the bags of pizzelles while browsing the marketplace at Linvilla Orchards in Media this afternoon. Picked up the classic anise cookies, but regret not having also grabbed a bag of almond flavored ones!

I grew up thinking that pizzelle originated in Helen’s kitchen, but my friend Google tells me they’re actually from central Italy. Present at every Italian-American function I’ve ever attended, these simple wafer cookies satisfy a sweet tooth without triggering a sugar buzz. I made them for the first (and last) time with my sister Tina, a few years ago. While her recipe called for a lot of butter, others call for more eggs. All recipes include some combination of butter, eggs, flour and flavoring (anise, lemon and almond are the most common). 

I’ve always wanted a pizzelle iron, but never buy one. I keep thinking it’s one of those kitchen items I’m likely better off not owning … unless, of course, I get one so that I can make pizzelles for everyone around me. The are the perfect party gift, IMHO.



  1. An Italian restaurant near my parents’ house, Scoogi’s in Flourtown, serves them with the cappuccino and they are fantastic. I agree–if you brought them to a party, you’d be very popular.

  2. […] started with coffee and pizzelles, a typical cookie from her Abbruzzese past. I learned her recipe: 2 spoons of sugar, two spoons of […]

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