Posted by: lisetta | May 24, 2008

Combal.Zero aperitivo

We began the evening with focaccia and brut. As we entered further into Combal.Zero’s modern space, we found the first of the aperitivi….

These were totally cool. Little jars of pleasure that you could eat with a spoon or grissino (breadstick). Two flavors: 40 gr ganache di foie gras (sorry guys) with gelatina del frutto della passione (passion fruit – how apropos) and 40 gr tomino al verde.

While munching on these, the waitstaff waltzed around with more exciting creations. The first was a crocchetta de baccalĂ  mantecato. Don’t ask me how they did it; it was light and tasty.

Next came around a beautiful little plate of vitello tonnato alla manier antica, with cipolle di tropea al forno. Vitello tonnato is a typical dish in Piemonte. It’s a slice of tender veal served with a suace made of anchovies, tuna, capers and mayonnaise. The one served tonight was made with an older recipe, excluding the mayo. It was served over sarsette, a sweet little lettuce typical here.

The last aperitivo to go around was a cartoccio of funghi fritti, fried mushrooms. The pic is a little dark, sorry.


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