Posted by: lisetta | May 26, 2008

Mystery Meats at Eataly

OK, so I love going to the butcher area and looking around at everything we could never find in the US. I used to get lightheaded while looking at the skinned rabbits, their glassy eyes gazing towars eternity. Now I am just intrigued (not at all hungry). Every visit brings something new. This time around, I found the veining on these to be quite beautiful:

Anyone care to guess what part of the cow we’re looking at?

Another intriguing item here. You can guess what it is if you’ve studied a romance language:

Wonder how they cook these things?



  1. I’ll pass, thanks! I’m so loving vicariously traveling with you through your culinary wanderings! You do know you’ll owe me a great meal sometime, don’t you?! Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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