Posted by: lisetta | May 29, 2008

Carla’s “Borrowed” Recipe

This post is written by Carla – one of the best cooks ever! Finally, a guest writer! (hint, hint) The pictures tell the story she writes below.

Cipolle di Tropea in Agrodolce

My friend Paola made these at her house for dinner one day, and gave me the recipe. It looks simple, but it might take practice.

First, you buy good Tropea onions.  (Lisetta says: good luck finding these in the States.) You cut them in half and then in thirds.

Put them in a pan. Add equal portions of water and white wine vinegar to a glass and pour it over the onions, leaving about an inch or so of liquid in the pan. Sprinkle two tablespoons of sugar and one teaspoon of salt over the onions. Cook, covered, for twenty minutes on midium heat, and then another ten minutes without the lid.

Here you have to pay attention to how much liquid remains in the pan. You don’t want it all to evaporate, but you want about a half inch or so of the liquid to remain in the pan. Make sure that the onions are cooked.

The picture of Paola and her husband Bruno was taken at Simona’s wedding last weekend.



  1. Is this a side dish?

  2. Yes. And a delicious one at that. 🙂 Really, I am always impressed at how delicious the simplest things taste here in Italy. Wasn’t it similar when you were in Spain?

  3. Absolutely. Like wild mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, or tortilla espanola (potato, egg, onion, salt). I’ll try your onion dish (I’ve always loved red onions especially). What do you think goes best with it?

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