Posted by: lisetta | June 16, 2008

Chicken cacciatore?

I haven’t been sleeping well since returning from my trips to London, Paris and Torino. Reverse jet lag? Lots to think about? Not sure. Waking up really early on the weekend was great: I could hop on my bike and ride until the sun got too hot. Can’t do the same on a workday, so instead opted this morning to cook and do laundry! 

  Picture taken from here.

My handy Italian pressure cooker allowed me to make a quick and easy chicken cacciatore – of sorts. I started out with some Vidalia onion sauteed in olive oil, added red and orange peppers, a cubed potato, some carrots and lots of fresh tyme and parsley. I added some boneless chicken thighs and a splash of chicken broth and cooked it for about 20 minutes in the pressure cooker. Amazing. It was the most delicious Monday lunch I’ve had in quite some time. 🙂

My pressure cooker is high on my list of “things I don’t want to live without”. My Italian family gave it to me back in ’94 or ’95. Am not sure what I did to deserve such a great gift, but remember they got it for me as a consolation of sorts when I broke up with my Italian boyfriend, who was taking his own pressure cooker with him when he moved out.  In the past week I’ve cooked beets, chick peas and chicken cacciatore in it.  Am wondering if my subconscious is calling me to cook with it now, as Dave leaves my life. Sometimes the comfort isn’t actually found in the food itself, but rather in the rhythms of its preparation.


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