Posted by: lisetta | June 20, 2008

Cannellini bean hummous

This evening I ate snacks as dinner over in Clark Park while watching an interesting (and depressing) documentary called War Made Easy (perfect fodder, though, for the linguistic mind). Arriving at home less than a half hour before I was supposed to meet at the park (10 minute walk), I washed some cherries and grapes, cut up some watermelon, threw some turinot in a bag and then decided I really needed to take something that might still provide me with some energy for my bike ride tomorrow. With no time to cook, I improvised with what I found on hand: a can of cannellini beans, two lemons, fresh thyme and tahini (sesame paste). Blend it with some sea salt and a little bit of water and you have a perfect summertime hummous, eaten with Ak-Mak crackers.  Don’t know how Italian it is, but at least the beans had an Italian name!

Biking and hummous remind me of my longtime friend Majd, who, with three teammates, finished the Race Across America (a one-stage, 3000 mile bicycling race across the country) this morning. An everyday guy, he’d been training for the race since late fall. Overcoming sickness, injury and the loss of a treammate to injury, he and his team finished the race in a total of 8 days, 15 hours and 33 minutes. They covered 3014.4 miles at an average speed of 14.52 mph. How totally impressive! Check out their team blog if you’d like to read details.


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