Posted by: lisetta | June 24, 2008

Pasta di Jen

Tonight I rolled into my lobby to find Jen’s smiling face at the elevator. What started as simple small talk extended into an impromptu pasta dinner at my place.  The last time we did one of these, we ate a similar dish and discussed similar themes, so why not name the pasta after her? Pasta di Jen: women everywhere should eat it when they need a healthy dose of self-care. 🙂

Pasta di Jen

Saute some zucchini and snow peas.

Add spinach.

Cook and add some strips of chicken breast if you need a protein.

Add cooked pasta and serve it with shaved grana padano. 

Anyone out there wondering what’s missing from this recipe? If you’ve been reading attentively to how I typically make pasta with vegetable dishes, you can guess: I didn’t add onion, wine, broth or herbs. Why? Because the pasta I used here was actually leftover from last night. (Scandalous!) I typically throw in one to two handfuls of pasta per serving, but last night got distracted and ended up making far more than I wanted. I had picked out all of the vegetables yesterday, leaving the seasoned farfalle for another use. Sure glad I didn’t have to toss it tonight! Leftover pasta is like leftover risotto: not much sense in eating it the next day given how much better it is when it’s freshly made. 

We ate the Kshocolat Honeycomb and Vanilla bar for dessert. Looks like I’m getting to share my chocolate after all. Anyone else want to come over for dinner? 




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