Posted by: lisetta | June 26, 2008


Happy Birthday, blog!

Who know I’d stick with you one whole year?  We began because I synthesized some “signs”: Marni suggested I investigate instructional strategies for blogging. I wanted to reconnect with positive experiences from my life in Italy and reconnect with my existing or perhaps new communities on this side of the Atlantic. On a higher plane, I figured adding an element of daily practice would help center my thoughts and direct me towards visible “growth”. It seemed as if I had been marking the passing of time with events and activities from others’ lives – weddings, babies, kids’ birthdays, etc. – rather than my own. Even though I had recently changed careers, ended a long-term relationship and refocused my workout routines, my life seemed to be standing still.

This year I’m running to stand still (but only the first verse!). I’ve been thinking a lot about data driven decision making, both at work and in my personal life, so I figured I’d commemorate year one by sharing some blog stats! 

  • Total views: 5,134
  • Busiest day: 120 views on Jan. 4, 2008.  After 6 months into the experiment I announced the blog to some of my longtime friends. Thanks, guys.
  • Number of posts: 153
  • Number of Comments: 78
  • Most popular post: About
  • In the Top Ten most popular posts: the stores – Eataly, Carlino’s, Buon Italia, Isgro’s. Also, people seem to really be interested in sfogliatella, the Napolitan pastry, chicken, and mozzarella di bufala.


Looking back, my personal favorites are the ones that evoked the most engaging face-to-face conversations with others: the thread last summer on prosciutto and arugula pizze (Osteria, Il Pizzaiolo, Birthday Present), Sacred Water, Existential Thoughts and Italian American Meals.

Moving forward, the data tell me simply to keep on moving on. Blogging my food experiences has certainly helped me mark the passage of time. More importantly, it’s helped me to understand that standing still is illusory after all, possible only when I fail to consider deeply the changing circumstances of my life. Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone! Enjoy a virtual slice of birthday cake with Bono: 




  2. How easy it is to get another one! Thanks, You Tube. I had the pleasure of seeing the Vertigo tour a few years ago. 🙂

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