Posted by: lisetta | June 30, 2008

Americanized macedonia

I’ve got all the makings for a perfect fruit salad: juicy peaches, plump raspberries, dark cherries, seedless watermelon, apples and grapes. What’s missing is my patience! After subbing a late Spin class tonight and arriving home quite hungry, the last thing I wanted was effort. I simply tossed a few raspberries with a sliced peach in a bowl, added some plain yogurt and called it dessert: nearly instant gratification. While it was delicious, I can’t stop myself from thinking how much better it would have been if I had taken the time to prepare the other fruits as well. 

Lately I’ve been asking fellow sports enthusiasts what drives them to keep pushing themselves in their training, thinking that there must be a secret to getting through plateaus. Haven’t found an answer that resonates with my own experience, but very much liked what Sarah, a personal trainer at my gym, had to say: “It’s a metaphor for life.” That gets me to wondering instead if cooking might be a better metaphor for me. Lots to chew on there …


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