Posted by: lisetta | July 5, 2008

Una Novità

Hit the Strip this morning with Francis, communing over ginger plum iced tea and a raspberry muffin. Conversation was great, as always, touching on the details of the mundane as well as our artistic aspirations. He’s one of the few friends whose ‘connectedness‘ resonates with my own, so our conversations typically stray down fascinating garden paths

When we parted, I figured I’d pick up the makings for a long overdue prosciutto and mozzarella panino. Was thwarted: no ciabatta (or cerignola olives!) at Penn Mac, insane crowds at Parma Sausage. I gave up quickly, and instead headed over to my favorite chocolate shop. On the way, I noticed they sell Capogiro gelato! 

I knew I’d experience something worthwhile here, even if I walked away empty handed. If nothing else, the cool chocolate scented store would certainly trigger memories and pleasures. 

That it did. Soon enough I found the unusual L’Artigiano di Gardini’s milk chocolate bar with sale dolce di Cervia.  Might this rival Guido Gobino’s award-winning cremini al sale? I had to find out.

While certainly delicious, I’m not sure it merits the moaning that Guido Gobino induces. It did, however, remind me of the fabulous gelato I ate at Grom last month with sale di Cervia, the same “sweet” sea salt that’s been quite fashionable with gourmands lately. Wonder if this flavor has arrived at their Manhattan stores? Perhaps it’s time to head up to the city ….


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