Posted by: lisetta | July 10, 2008


     A quintessential drink for Mediterranean summers. Aaah. Was thrilled that Hilary and Mark had some on hand even though we had originally agreed to sip wine. Had my fill of post-Spin alcohol LAST Thursday. 🙂

Let’s start right off by saying that in order to enjoy this drink, you must not expect anything like American orange soda. Think not-too-sweet sparkling lemonade, made from spring water (and forget about the carbon footprint guilt stuff). 

Forget too about that other guilt stuff. Wanting to write more late at night and wanting to sleep are competing agendas. I grant sleep the winner. Buona notte.



  1. I love that stuff. If you want to drink wine on a hot day, how about a version of the Spanish tinto de verano: lemon soda (I like the 365 Brand Italian Lemon) and red wine (buy cheap stuff) over ice. Yum!

  2. Oh yeah! Don’t you know that’s exactly what I was drinking while travelling in Andalucia a few years ago? It trumped the lemon soda I had adored previously in Greece. …. aaaah, the Mediterranean. I did NOT get my fix of it this June; am suffering now. Maybe we should soon have a “BBQ” in my yard?? You bring the tinto de verano and I’ll make some vegetarian Italian….my basil’s up. 🙂

  3. Yes, just name the date, and I’ll be there!

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