Posted by: lisetta | July 13, 2008

The Italian Market

Though I woke up too late for my favorite Sunday morning activity, it wasn’t too hot to go out to my garden and pick some basil for the insalata caprese I couldn’t wait to make. I ended up with a whole box of herbs, and a head full of fantasies for how I’d use them.

Had plans to hang out with Ann this afternoon; rather than leave town we stayed in her neck of the woods way across town. Went over to the Italian Market, which I hadn’t visited since early last fall. Sadly, the only moment that was at all appetizing was strolling past Sabrina’s, a place I’ve never tried. While the portions looked grotesquely huge, the food smelled great as we walked by. Ann actually stopped to ask a diner what she was eating: stuffed french toast. We turned the corner and saw the Italian Market’s main street, all sunny and quaint.

As soon as we started walking down this street, however, I remembered why I don’t particularly enjoy going there: the place reeks! First we got smacked by the stench of the sewer, then raw meat just turned rancid, then fish no longer fresh, bleach and rotting produce. Piles of garbage lie on the street. Why the hell do people like this place?

We escaped fairly quickly and headed over to Ba Le bakery, where we got fruit shakes with bubbles, friendly explanations of unknown foods and a few treats. Nothing there had anything to do with Italy or my herbs, but it was there I was inspired to make a simple fettuccine with herbs with my garden bounty tomorrow….that is, if June doesn’t kill me in her Body Blitz class again. I can’t take another three days of abdominal pain. I’ve got too many great things to cook this week! 🙂


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