Posted by: lisetta | July 14, 2008

Herbal Remedy

In post-Spin mat work/stretch, Sarah asked if I knew what could soothe an upset stomach, so I shared an Italian remedy: lemon & sage tea – and, a bit later, some sage (salvia) from my garden. I sure hope it helps! While chatting in front of my apartment building, we learned that we both miss Becky, who’s now in St. Louis, Sarah’s hometown. Small world moment.

Here’s what Andrea and I ate for dinner before hanging out in the garden.

Fusilli bucati corti with herbed zucchini

Quarter and slice small zucchini and saute in olive oil.

Add chopped cinnamon basil and thyme.

Add cooked fusilli bucati corti to the pan for several moments, add shaved parmigiano and serve.

I really like the cinnamon basil in this dish. I had planted it thinking I could use it in Vietnamese spring rolls. Who knew it’d go so well with Italian techniques? That’s the beauty of experimentation, I suppose. Sometimes the ideas work; sometimes they don’t. 

An idea that didn’t work for me today was to work at home on a research project. Though not visibly tired, I fell asleep three times while reading! The last instance was a full-blown nap; taking me right through the start of Body Blitz. My subconscious always wins. 🙂 I did do some core training on the mat though – admittedly only about 3 minutes. Maybe this is a more realistic starting point for my fragile mind: 3 minutes today, 4 minutes tomorrow? If I force myself through the pain every single day, will I cease to perceive its discomfort, a kind of reverse hedonic treadmill? Will sage tea soothe me as I’m hoping it soothes Sarah? Salvia shares the same Latin root as salvare, meaning ‘to heal’ after all.



  1. I’ve never heard of cinnamon basil. What’s different about it?

  2. It’s got purple stems, and a slightly different taste. You sometimes find it in Vietnamese restaurants. I’ll bring some to you when we go to the symphony this week!

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