Posted by: lisetta | July 15, 2008

Saffron gelato

It’s a beautiful summer evening around 9:30 pm and I’m in the mood for gelato. I’ve got raspberries and cherries in my refrigerator, and way more chocolate than any single person should possess, but here I am dreaming again of what’s unavailable. My disdain for eating gelato alone prevents me from driving downtown to Capogiro, and my neighborhood has nothing worthwhile, so I find myself turning to the next best thing: imagining gelato. 

I got an email from Osteria again about one of their regional meals: $150 bucks a pop to spend a night in Sardegna. The dessert this time around includes saffron gelato with anice (spelling error theirs). How hard could it be to make saffron gelato? I need to do it this weekend. Will post the recipe here. Stay tuned.


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