Posted by: lisetta | July 17, 2008

Things I Learned Today

I’ve already written about every Italian food I’ve eaten today, but want the ‘daily practice’ effect that writing brings, so here goes.

I really love mozzarella di bufala. Have been eating it all week and still adore it. Insalata caprese is much better with basil from your own garden. Can’t wait for my heirloom tomatoes to ripen.

I really love Guido Gobino’s tourinot. So does everyone else who’s tried one.

Ann brought me Campari tomatoes this evening. I really love my friends, especially when they bring me food.

Stage 12 of the Tour de France ridden to classic rock makes for a disjointed Spin ride. Chose the classic rock mix for Steve, who’s just this week returned to Spin after MIA several months. His bike was stolen in Center City the other night. Bike theft and pet death are pretty high up there for pain and suffering, IMHO.

Enterprise social networking solutions are damned expensive, no matter who you talk to. The web fascinates me. Surfing through the digital artifacts of mankind’s brilliance and stupidity entertains me.  Sometimes I can’t believe I actually get paid to sit around and learn stuff.

Video Skyping your friends in Italy and Houston makes for some happy moments. So does talking with strangers, or smiling at the people I recognize hanging out behind my building every evening. I find it interesting to live in a city and recognize people as part of my landscape, yet know very little about who they actually are or what they think. Maybe one day I’ll stop and talk.

Engaging in real-time experiences dissolves any dread you carry from the past … providing, of course that the experiences are positive. 🙂


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