Posted by: lisetta | July 22, 2008


What’s a gal to do when she wants to write in her blog but hasn’t eaten Italian food? Spin a tale turning the uninspiring Triscuits with Rosemary and Olive Oil into Italian food without pretension?  That would be more difficult than Italianizing Udipi. Or simply admit that this post really has nothing to do with the food I ate today? 

While listening to Tchaikovsky at the Mann tonight, and Beethoven last night, I got to thinking about loving various genres of music and their similar effects on me. Getting chills while listening to Tchaikovsky at an outdoor venue with thousands of other people tonight or getting chills while riding strength to Avril Lavigne and Lil Mama performing “Girlfriend” on my iPod in the Spin studio … what’s the difference? Not much. Chills are chills. I’m just thankful to feel them.

With Italian food, my physical response is always more powerful than with French or Vietnamese, two other cuisines I truly love.  While Italian’s obviously my dom, the intensity of my experience with it isn’t affected by its scarcity. Nothing terrible happens when I don’t eat it for days. (Unless you consider my writing about something other than food to be terrible!) 

I don’t know where, if anywhere, I’m going with these thoughts. Like the paradox of choice nerdiness I indulged in a while back, these thoughts tonight connect only peripherally to the supposed focus of this blog. Do I need to rename the blog? I feel its drifting … or maybe that’s just my mind, drifting into sleep.



  1. whats this got to do with polyamory?

  2. You can ascribe any meaning you wish to it: literal or figurative. I wrote it as a metaphor, shortly after a shocking discovery.

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